Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Beautiful City of Toronto

 We were lucky enough to take a boat ride on a tall ship and captured these photos

Goodbye Toronto!

The Completed Project!

The signature before grouting



Because we grout in one colour, it ends up looking too light in the dark spots. We can't use darker grout or else it would look too dark in the light spots.

So we applied a stone/tile enhancer  that ends up making the grout a bit darker

You can see the part that I hadn't got yet clearly

Sometimes, depending on the light, the piece becomes unrecognizable, yet still beautiful

Stephen was kind enough to suggest we include initials of all the mosaicists that worked on the project and they mixed in perfectly

Not an initial but a piece of smalti that looks like a ghost.

Soon, the hotel will be completed and look beautiful. For now, it is still a construction site.

Our last view of an amazing project. Thanks to Stephen and everyone building the Trump hotel, this was a great installation!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

After Almost A Month

There are a lot of small fixes to be done

Preparing the last pieces to fit

End of day twenty-six!

Stephen Andrews signature goes up

End of day twenty-seven!

Day twenty-nine

No, you rock!

We're close to being finished!

The last piece...
End of day twenty-nine!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tight Places With Lots of Room

I don't think that's a seat but it will do!

Some of the finished piece, grouted.
The closeup is almost unrecognizable as the same thing.

Especially before we've finished!

The doors were tricky because people were installing the granite in there. We worked late, when they were done, or on the weekend.

End of day twenty-three

End of day twenty-four

Thumbs up from Mortar Mike

Ferruccio has been doing all the peeling, fixes and grouting!

End of day twenty-five!